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Why Choosing A Low-Touch Experience is the Best Post-Quarantine Treatment

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Itching to get back to your massage therapist but have reservations about jumping into a hands-on treatment after quarantine? We’ve got just what you need –– cupping therapy. Learn about cupping therapy and why it’s our go-to post-quarantine treatment below.

What is Cupping Therapy?

Originating from traditional Chinese medicine, cupping therapy has been used for thousands of years to promote healing and provide an alternative treatment for pain relief.

In its original form, fire was used to create a vacuum seal in glass cups to apply negative pressure to various parts of the body.

Traveling Aura will offer Bellabaci Cupping, a more versatile and modernized version of cupping therapy that utilizes flexible, medical-grade silicone cups, and therapeutic, plant-based massage oils. The squeezable nature of the cups allows for various depth of suction to create the same vacuum seal used in traditional cupping therapy, but allowing the cups to still be moved once placed. During your massage, the cups can either be left in one spot for a more targeted therapy, or glided over the skin to provide a deep massage-like sensation.

Cupping supports the immune system

Cupping therapy works by using negative pressure to summon fresh blood to localized areas, essentially mimicking our bodies’ natural inflammatory response. When this happens, oxygen-rich red blood cells along with healing proteins and white blood cells are all pulled into the area to combat inflammation and promote healing.

When scientists reviewed over one hundred studies on cupping therapy, they found evidence that it helped alleviate chronic pain and inflammation (especially of the neck and back), as well as nerve pain. It’s also important to note that our lymphatic system –– a major component of our immune system, responsible for filtering out damaged cells, pathogens, and more –– requires a little extra effort on our end to ensure it functions at its best.

Unlike our circulatory system, our lymphatic system is pump-less and is thus dependent on the movement and contraction of our muscles and joints. Cupping therapy supports our immune system by acting as an alternative mechanism to get your lymphatic system moving. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your treatment!

Low-touch = Less risk

We are keenly aware that you may be concerned about being exposed to coronavirus from close-contact services. By using silicone cups rather than our hands for the majority (or entirety) of your massage, it reduces the likelihood of disease transmission.

To further put your mind at ease, we will also be wearing face masks, gloves, and using EPA-registered hospital grade disinfectants before and after your treatment to minimize any risk.

Take Cupping Home with you

This might be the best part. Incorporating cupping therapy into your daily wellness routine can maximize the results of your professional cupping treatment. Considering cupping therapy is a great way to support your immune system and reduce pain, now is a perfect time to try it and further lessen your risk of catching an illness. We have cups, oils, and face/body kits available so you can treat yourself (and your family!) in the comfort of your own home ask us how!

To book or learn more details about our feature services, Low/No-Touch cupping services click here

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