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Treat Mom to Wellness this Mothers' Day: Wellness Gift Guide

Whether she's celebrating her first Mother's Day or her 40th, we've got the perfect gifts and ideas for every mom and mother figure in your life. It's time to get creative on how to provide the care and nurturing she deserves. Spa services are ALWAYS a great idea, but if she's wanting something different, we've got you covered.

Mother's Day will be here before you know it, of course Mom probably needs some spa time so we've curated some ideas and suggestions on how you can create an in-home spa inspired atmosphere for Mom this Mother's Day.

When creating a spa wellness routine for Mom this Mother's day think of 5 things that will help this:

  1. Sound: Relaxing Music & Sounds

  2. Scent: Aroma

  3. Sight: Right Lighting

  4. Touch: Cozy & Comfortable Materials

  5. Taste: Water & Tea

Relaxing Music & Sounds

Playing soft music while doing yoga, meditation or just taking a moment for wellness will be more than appreciated for Mom and is a great idea to creating the relaxing mood.

Create a playlist for Mom that she can use on these days:

Flute Music:


Incorporate candles or essential oils for MOM that brings her joy. Scents interact with the brain on a very intimate level. Not sure where to begin? Try citrus and floral scents like lavender are always a good start.


There are many different wavelengths of light, and they all trigger our brains differently. For example, blue-enriched lighting is bright and can promote productivity and alertness, whereas warmer lighting encourages rest and relaxation, helping us to sleep better. The goal is find a balance between the two.


When you think about the spa and relaxation, think cozy and comfortable think soft blankets, pillows, and textures around the room.


Of course, we wouldn't leave taste out of our perfect oasis of our perfect oasis equation!

Staying hydrated is essential to wellness. To enhance your beverage, try adding lemon to your water for an extra hit of vitamin C or keep antioxidant0rich tea on hand! For that exra reminder to hydrate, keep a water dispenser and an electric tea kettle in your room!

Now that we've outlined the elements you need to create a spa inspired atmosphere in your home, here are some ideas on different themed time blocks Mom can carve into her schedule to practice self-care daily and/or weekly.

Bath Time

Bath Time can include aromatic bath salts, bar soap, a face mask, shea butter lotion and some music. A moment to relax, restore, and re-charge.

Beauty Time

Beauty time can be centered around all things beauty, you can focus on your skincare which can include a cleanser, a face mask, jade roller, a moisturizing cream. Encourage Mom to give her self a face treatment. Click here to purchase our favorite all natural skincare line Elixir of Life- use our code: travelingaura for 30% off.

Chill Time

Chill Time can be a moment to do nothing, this can include turning on your essential oil diffuser with your favorite scent, or lighting a candle, sipping on your favorite tea, then placing a warm neck pillow around your neck, while you kick your feet up.

Pamper Time

Pamper Time can be all about getting your pampering treatments in so you can rest and recharge. You can opt to do your own skincare routine, turn on some netflix, and give yourself a mani/pedi. Add essential oils to the mix, some tea, a candle and just enjoy the moment to devote to your maintenance.


Me-Time can be a moment focused on centering your thoughts. Grab your journal, light a candle, brew some tea, turn off your phone notifications and just jot down your feelings or find a journal prompt online to spark your writing.

Treat Mom to an in-home pampering experience with Traveling Aura

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Your Wellness Resource,

Traveling Aura

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