what we do

Are you always too occupied to make out time for a visit to the spa? Are you looking to fit manicures, pedicures, facials, and massages into your busy and hectic daily schedule? Check out our menu of services…Traveling Aura Mobile Spa offers a range of services brought to a place that is convenient for you! Whether you're at home, in your office, or having a girls night in, our team of licensed and trained technicians will make sure WE leave you feeling pampered and indulged. We use disposable liners for all of our services to ensure proper sanitation.

our services



Essential Manicure:

30min $45 


Essential Pedicure:

45min $65  

Essential Combo 

75min $110 // 0ur essential combo is a classic manicure experience, that includes shaping, buffing, exfoliating, and massage to nourish and protect your hands and feet. This experience will leave your skin soft and rejuvenated hands and feet. Topped with your choice of polish. 

**all nail treatments must be booked as a combo or scheduled with one of our other spa services. Additional fee for gel polish, removals, and French.


Escape Manicure

45 min   $65 

Escape Pedicure

75 min  $85.00 

Escape Combo

120min $150 // this combo is a great way to experience the benefits of our essential treatment but with an added touch to detail, hand and foot mask wrapped in a hot towel for the added spa experience. 

****all nail treatments must be booked as a combo or scheduled with one of our other spa services. Additional fee for gel polish, removals, and French.




60 mins $135.00 //


a customized, completely relaxing and cleansing facial skin treatment for all skin types, with skin analysis, steaming, cleaning of the pores, face hand and arm massage with warm hand mitts, treatment mask, moisturizer and recommendations for home care, leaving the skin clean, smooth, refreshed and glowing.  

***FEATURE SERVICE (limited time) 

CUPPING FACIAL // 55 mins $160

TIME FOR A REBOOT! Give your skin a refreshing boost with this unique and

enhanced facial. This treatment uses advanced therapy to refresh and target the look of the fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin revitalized and spirit renewed. 




Essential Massage    

60 min   $150.00

90  min  $210

Escape Massage   

120min $270

Experience our customized massages that range from a wide range of modalities to choose from: Swedish,  Deep Tissue, Sports Massage and more; each massage will be a blend of techniques best suited for you. 

***FEATURE SERVICE (limited time) 

CUPPING MASSAGE // 80 mins $200

our full body service uses modern techniques that go beyond stationary cupping to give you a unique experience that feels like a four-hand massage. Combined with a skin-loving blend of rich, therapeutic oils, this deeply relaxing treatment increases circulation while diminishing the signs of aging and skin imperfections.