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A mother brings beauty and life to a home. A mother's love is peaceful. What is a great way to reciprocate that love? Simple! Bless her with a soothing, and relaxing spa and wellness gift.

Below are great spa & wellness inspired gifts you can give your mother, aunt, grandmother or special woman figure in your life.

Creating relaxation in the comfort of their own home:


A beautiful aroma can take the mind to a peaceful, zen space that you can fill with calm thoughts. How does it work? Our sense of smell triggers the emotional part of the brain that helps with clarity and being present within the moment. Aromatherapy oils are a great gift for relaxing massages and bath experiences.

Herbal wraps

Herbal wraps combine therapeutic masks, herbal pastes, and soothing creams or muds that are rich in minerals and nutrients. Not only do they offer the benefit of skincare, but they also warm the body and promote circulation and muscle relaxation.

Spa Robes and throws

A stylish, soft, fluffy robe and/or throw blanket can remind anyone to relax and unwind. A great robe option is the Snowe Bathrobe, that is a hypoallergenic, quick-drying robe. The spa robe is complete with a pair of cozy slippers or eye pillow.

Traveling Aura's Liquid Gold Cuticle Oil Pen

Who enjoys having dry hands? Definitely no one. Help Mom or the special lady in your life keep the skin around her nails looking healthy, and prevent her nails from being overshadowed due to dry cuticles. What better way to help her then to purchase an easy to use click pen that she can keep in her purse. To purchase your own cuticle oil pen click here.

To learn more about the benefits of our cuticle oil pen read our blog posts on why it's so awesome.

Pair the cuticle oil pen with a spa gift card to make this a simple but cute presentation for that special mother in your life. To purchase an online gift certificate click here


One of the best things about a spa session is the soothing tea they provide. Purchasing calming or relaxing tea bags with a personalized mug will help her with home pampering, meditation or unwinding before bed. A great tea option for helping her create this ambiance is White Lion tea, which has an array of Wellness tea options.

Natural Candles

Beautifully scented, colorful candles start the journey to the world of comfort and coziness. Candles offer a soothing effect that is great for self care and relaxation. Buy a set of high-quality soy or coconut wax candles that produce a slow and clean burn and are well packaged with beautiful colored or flowery glass. Uncommon Goods has some really cool terrarium glass candles.

Pain Relief Lotion

Help her ease muscle pain and body aches by investing in a pain relief rub that also offers the benefit of soothing the skin with a balanced temperature sensation. Kneipp is a great brand that has pain relief options, with different sizes and types of products to choose from.

Face masks

Face masks are a fantastic gift for her beauty arsenal. Get her a few that will compliment her skin type. Face masks hydrate, moisturize, improve skin texture, and minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Body and Skincare

You can invest in her skincare routine by buying beauty & skincare products that will give her a more youthful look and glow! You can purchase face cleansers, moisturizing lotions, skin serums, eye creams, lip masks and hydrating hand and feet lotions. Elixir of Life is an all natural skincare line created locally in Florida, and there are many products available for all skin types and ages. Save 30% when you use the code travelingaura at checkout.

Focus on Self-care with a Mobile Spa Day experience

One of the best gifts you can give to her for health and wellness is to book a mobile spa session. Let the luxury of relaxation come to her! You can also join her for some special bonding time! It will help you and her to destress, detox, feel good and relax!

Invest in the right gift for your mother, aunt, grandmother, or special lady in your life today by encouraging her beauty and wellness journey.

Traveling Aura is a luxury mobile spa concierge that offers manicures, pedicures, massages and facials to clients in their home or office. It’s not just a spa, it’s an experience! Book your in-home pampering experience with Traveling Aura and save 15% on your first booking. (Kings Point resident offer only)


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