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3 Daily Self-Care Tips for Dad

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

“Being a great father is like shaving. No matter how good you shaved today, you have to do it again tomorrow.” —Reed Markham, American Educator

While shaving these days may be on a slightly different schedule, the comparison still makes sense. Every day is a new day being a dad. Yesterday may have gone smoothly, but today’s challenges are fresh, and if today is going especially rough, we can be assured to get a new start in the morning to improve on it. The one thing we can count on, no matter what the day holds, is that a little self-care is a good thing.

Fathers are not always the best at taking the time to slow down and relax, but we can help with that. Whatever type of dad you have–athletic, creative, bookworm, goofball–the spa is a resource that helps him be his best self. Feeling good, looking good, recovering from exercise or stress, or finding quiet moments, are all ways that Dad can take stock of what’s going on and improve his wellness.

Here are 3 suggestions to make each day a good day:

1. Stretch!

First thing in the morning, take a few minutes for a stretch –start with a giant yawn, and then get up and touch your toes, reach for the ceiling, and bend side to side. Allowing your muscles to extend and exert some effort helps energize the body. Breathe deeply during this brief session, and your body will be more eager to get going for the day ahead.

2. Look Good.

Even though it may be easy to speed past, take a few extra minutes to check out your face and hair in the bathroom mirror. Use a cleanser, not just water, when you wash up, and your skin will look and feel refreshed. Some facial lotion or oil helps restore moisture to skin and gives it a little more glow. Style your hair whether you have somewhere to go or not. Looking good really does help you feel better.

3. Make a To-Do List.

Make a list of the things you need and want to accomplish in the day. Work projects, connecting with family members living at a distance, errands that need to get done. Write them down–and make it a manageable list, so you’re not disappointed if you don’t get to everything–and check off the tasks as you finish them. In addition to feeling productive, you'll also want to make sure these are on your list to help inspire joy.

  • Do things that make you happy. Be sure to include things that make you happy. That could be spending time on a project, taking the time to make a nice meal, going for a walk with your dog. Your to-do list should always have some things that bring you joy.

  • Appreciate the little things. Even if it’s just a short list of 3 things you are grateful for, write them down. Take a few minutes to consider what you appreciate from your day–someone gave you extra space while in traffic, lunch was especially delicious, the sun came out on a cloudy day, you noticed the birds in the morning. Writing them down allows for gratitude and also helps you develop your ability to notice the small things.

  • Relax. Downtime and relaxation are not created equal. Real relaxation means deliberately slowing down and recharging. Deep breathing, meditation, reading, and some quiet time having a cup of tea are some great ways to do just that. True relaxation improves mood and quality of sleep, lowers blood pressure and chronic pain. All good things.

Self-care helps you feel better physically and mentally. We hope these ideas offer easy ways for you to slow down and take time for yourself.


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