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5 Reasons Why Self Care Keeps Slipping Your Grasp

We all know that self-care is amazing for our health. Whether it’s going to the gym, eating healthily, meditating, or going to bed on time, it helps keeps us mentally and physically fit. However, despite having all of these great benefits, self-care isn’t always easy to keep up with.

The first time you heard about self-care, you probably made up a list of healthy lifestyle changes you want to make and were bursting with energy to get to them. Then after a couple of months, you became inconsistent and eventually stopped. Then you found a post on the benefits of self-care on the internet and again became determined to practice it –only to stop once again.If you’ve been having this off and on relationship with self-care, don’t beat yourself up about it. Chances are that you’ve been going about it the wrong way or with the wrong mindset. Let’s look closer at some of these wrong approaches that make self-care seems so hard below.

  1. Self-care isn’t the same for everyone

One reason most people find it hard to keep up with the self-care practices they set up for themselves is because they follow trends instead of finding out what they need personally.

These trends may not suit your personal needs or give you the same result it gives other people. So the reason you may not be able to keep up with running miles every day is because you aren’t a runner like Britney Spears. Maybe you’re a jogger or a walker.

Instead of looking to trends for self-care practices to follow, focus on activities you can practice with ease. This will make self-care not just fun but also easier to practice consistently.

2. Self-care should not empty your pockets

Regardless of what you see on social media, self-care isn’t meant to be expensive. You don’t have to hire an expensive personal trainer to correctly practice self-care, and neither do you need deep-tissue massages. You can also do without expensive bath bombs or celebrity spa treatments. So if the reason you’ve been unable to keep up with your self-care practices is because they are too expensive, create new practices.

Fill your food menu with fruits and vegetables, go online for yoga exercises and mediation tips, and jog as frequently as you can each week. Self-care exercises shouldn’t cost you an extra dime if you can’t afford it. By simply reading a book or turning off your phone and taking a nature walk, you are practicing self-care.

3. Self-Care doesn't have to be a solitary


One great way to keep up with self-care practices is by sharing it with others. When you have friends you exercise with or that are also interested in adopting a healthy diet, it becomes easier to stay consistent. Each day you look forward to sharing that fun moment with them and you can encourage each other during the journey. Don’t believe any claims that self-care must be done in isolation. If you want your friends, siblings or even your kids to join your self-care activities, you can invite them to!

4. You come to a grinding halt after every miss

Life is unpredictable therefore; you may not always be able to follow your routine religiously. A wedding could come up on a Saturday, ruining your plans to run. Or a meeting could spring up unexpectedly and ruin your diet plans. When these happen, take it as a part of life but don’t let these few misses discourage you altogether.

Some people believe that missing you’re a few days from your routine means you have to start from the begging and choose to stop instead. This couldn’t be more wrong. You can simply continue from where you stopped!

5. Your timing is wrong

To efficiently carry out your self-care routine, you need to choose a convenient time that will not clash with other activities. For example, some people believe jogging should be done early in the morning, forgetting that they have pressing activities to see to at that time will make jogging challenging.

So instead of scheduling mornings for jogs, you can put it in the evenings when you have free time. Choosing the right timing will make it much easier to keep up with self-care.

If self-care keeps slipping from your grasp despite how much you want to stay consistent with it, you need to review your approach.

Try using these 5 steps above you can do that and achieve your personal goals in no time!

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