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The Ultimate Father’s Day Grooming Guide

So Father’s Day is right around the corner, which means that you’re probably already whispering in corners and planning something special for your favorite guy—Dad. It also means that it’s time to start paying extra attention to his grooming needs to make sure he looks & feels his best on that day. Trust us when we tell you that when you look good, you feel even better. 

Present Dad as the dashing and dapper man he truly is by making him feel relaxed and refreshed follow this ultimate Father’s Day grooming guide below


Always bear in mind that men have very oily skin, which means they have to pay extra attention to it. Encourage Dad to start cleansing his face at the beginning and end of each day to rid it of dirt and grime. Cleansing frequently keeps the skin looking fresh while preventing breakouts.

*You can also get a gel face wash without artificial fragrances, dyes, or alcohol to prevent your skin from over-drying. 

Tone the Skin

Toners help keep the skin clear and firm all day long. After you shave, make use of a toner to prevent the formation of ingrown hairs. Using a toner continuously will also give you a clear and youthful-looking skin.

When choosing a toner, avoid alcohol-based toners as they dry up the skin and force it to produce more oil.

Moisturize daily

Just because it’s warmer in the summer doesn’t mean you should skip moisturizers. Of course, you shouldn’t make use of winter creams during the summer they‘ll feel greasy and uncomfortable. Instead, use a moisturizer with a light formula. This will easily be absorbed by your skin, keeping it hydrated. 

Moisturizing your skin also helps prevent it from wrinkles, fine lines, and breakouts. 


Pampering is always a GREAT gift for Dad’s help him recharge, reset, and release this Father’s Day with a custom in home pampering service. Last thing you want is Dad tensed and tired for Father’s Day. Choose from one of packages he can get a massage, facial, and manicure and pedicure. We also have gift cards available!

For Father’s Day, Dad needs to look and feel relaxed.

Get a cologne 

There is nothing more appealing than a neat man with a great scent. So if Dad doesn’t have any cologne, picking one for him for Father’s Day would be GREAT.


To optimize these grooming tips, start practicing NOW so that by Father’s Day, he’ll look like the best version of himself!

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