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Elevating the Experience: Traveling Aura's Evolution

Welcome back!

Dear readers, to the latest update from Traveling Aura!

We're thrilled to share some exciting news that marks a significant shift in our approach to wellness and self-care. As a mobile spa dedicated to bringing relaxation and rejuvenation to your doorstep, we're constantly evolving to better serve you, our cherished clients. Today, we're delighted to announce some new improvements and more; enhancing our offerings and deepening our commitment to your well-being.

The Journey to Wellness Club:

At Traveling Aura, our journey has always been guided by one principle: to provide accessible and personalized spa experiences tailored to your needs. Over the years, we've had the privilege of pampering clients at spa parties, corporate events, and workshops, spreading relaxation wherever we go. However, we realized that to truly elevate our service and build lasting relationships with you, we needed to create a more immersive experience. Thus, the idea of the Wellness Club subscription model was born.

What Does the Subscription Include?

So, what exactly does our Wellness Club entail? Allow us to walk you through the exciting perks and benefits:

  • Personalized Spa Services: As a member, you'll enjoy exclusive access to our array of spa services, from massages to facials, tailored to your preferences and schedule.

  • Flexible Booking: Say goodbye to the hassle of scheduling appointments. With our membership, you have the flexibility to book your spa sessions at your convenience, ensuring that self-care fits seamlessly into your busy lifestyle.

  • Member-Only Events: Experience wellness in the community with our member-exclusive events, including themed spa parties, mindfulness workshops, and wellness retreats designed to nourish your mind, body, and soul.

  • Workplace Wellness Programs: We're continuing to offer our popular workplace wellness programs, bringing the benefits of relaxation and stress relief directly to your office. Whether it's a mid-week massage session or a rejuvenating yoga class, we'll help your team thrive.

Why the Shift? You might be wondering, why the shift to the wellness club subscription model. Simply put, it's all about enhancing your experience and how we show up for you. By focusing on long-term relationships through a subscription, we can better understand your unique needs, preferences, and wellness goals, allowing us to craft truly transformative spa experiences.

Our Commitment to You: At Traveling Aura, our commitment to your well-being remains unwavering. Whether you're unwinding at a spa party with friends, finding zen in a workplace wellness session, or indulging in a personalized spa treatment as a member, we're dedicated to helping you feel your best, wherever you are.

Rest assured, we will still accept individual non-member clients, but there is different pricing for non-members. We've made these changes with great thought and consideration, so we can continue showing up for our clients in excellence.

Join us on the journey: We invite you to join us on this journey of wellness and self-discovery. Whether you're a longtime client or new to the Traveling Aura family, there's never been a better time to prioritize your well-being.

Together, let's elevate the way we experience relaxation and rejuvenation. Ready to join the club?

As we embark on this new chapter, we're filled with gratitude for your continued support and trust. Thank you for choosing Traveling Aura as your partner in wellness. Here's to a future filled with relaxation, rejuvenation, and endless moments of bliss. Until next time, take care and be well.

-Your wellness resource

Traveling Aura


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