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Just about any and everyone has had to make some changes to plan(s) made before the pandemic showed up at all our doorsteps, bringing the world to a sudden stop.For #couples who were preparing for #weddings they were forced to act fast, having to quickly call off plans while others pushed their big day to a later date and some even opted in for a VIRTUAL CEREMONY!. Unheard of, we know but Thanks to virtual reality, many have been able to hold a minimalist ceremony which may not be their dream event but a pretty good way to connect with friends and family, nonetheless.

Lock down measures are continuously changing daily, some are being eased, while others are being re-enforced. Though we know that things will forever remain different from what we last remembered of the world, this is an adjustment to us all so we have curated a list of thoughtful wedding gift ideas you could use now and even after the pandemic.

Surprise Video Mashup.

In the day and age of technology, #instagram videos and #tiktok's a great non-expensive but highly appreciated gist is a would be a video #mashup (for more details on creating a mashup video click here). The couple may already miss having their friends and family around to celebrate their big day so you could surprise them by compiling short videos of as many friends and family as you can reach out to. Get on a conference call with all the people dear to the hearts of the couple and let them know your plans. You do not need fancy editing skills or tools to merge them and throw in some romantic/bridal themed music.

Stuffed gift boxes.

Thanks to Amazon and other online stores, you can purchase an empty gift box and fill it up with amazing items that the #newlyweds can enjoy. For example, you can include items from their bridal registry if they have one or you can gather different items such as chocolates, gift cards, perfume/cologne, wellness/self-care related items and anything you think your favorite couple would appreciate.

Bouquets to the rescue.

Flowers always do the trick for many so contact your #local floral shop to get some for the new couple? You can have them delivered for the wedding, especially if it will take place virtually. The package would be a nice touch to their decor.


If you want to go completely contact-free while presenting a gift to the couple, then a subscription style gift may be a great option. You have a plethora of subscription options you can choose from such as beauty based boxes, meal subscriptions, health/wellness subscriptions, and television based subscriptions such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Max. Simply activate or reactive their already existing plan and give them a pleasant viewing experience in their first few months after tying the knot.

Wedding photo albums.

You may not be able to appear in the wedding photos but there's something significant you could do; get the albums for the photos. Every newlywed would love to have photos of their big day preserved in a cute album that they could show to all of their friends virtually and in real life.

Aesthetic wall frames.

The couple close to your heart may or may not be moving into a new apartment following their wedding but whichever way, they would definitely want to switch things up in their shared apartment. You could help add some spice by purchasing beautiful wall frames from a local vendor or an online seller. Choose a theme that the couple resonates with and buy a pair of them that could go side by side on an accent wall. Their home will never forget you. This would be a great opportunity to support a small/local #artist in your area.

Gift cards.

What better gift than a gift card? If you find money too simple a gift, you can convert it to a gift card that the couple would appreciate. They could decide what to use it for subsequently but the thought behind the gift is what would live with them.

Relevant online courses.

If you are friends with the couple, then you would most likely know what their interested in. You could show your love by paying for a course they would love to learn more about and possibly take the course with them. You can search for professional courses on Udemy and Khan academy or pay for a session with their favorite influencer in their respective field(s).

You'll notice that we outlined gift ideas that could be given to the couple without being present at the wedding and gifts that can be cost efficient as well. You could have the store deliver the gifts or simply choose a contact-free option like the video and gift card ideas. Now, you have no excuse to not get a gift.

Don’t hesitate to chat with us on our website for solutions to all your wellness needs!

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