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7 Benefits of Massage

Pain Relief. One of the best remedies for tired, sore, or overused muscles is massage. This is because increased circulation gets blood to those muscles while they are healing and need it most.

Stress Relief. Massage therapists often lower the lights and incorporate soothing music and or aromatherapy to enhance the relaxation experience. Even if you’re not sore or hurting, a massage can help you distress significantly.

Increases Circulation. Even after the massage, circulation continues to improve, bringing blood to all those tissues, especially in your extremities.

Boosts immunity. Increased circulation can boost immunity as better blood flow brings healing white blood cells to fight off germs that make you sick.

Relieves fatigue and depression. Because it’s so relaxing and helps you distress, massage helps hold depression back a bit. Improved circulation also helps you feel more energized instead of lethargic.

Helps sleep. Soothing sore muscles, improving circulation, reducing stress and anxiety – all of those things help you sleep better.

Improves Posture & Flexibility. Many of us who work sitting down all day have a tendency to slump in our chairs, forgetting about posture. While building core muscles has the most effect, a massage can relax tightened muscles that are contributing to that slouch. This in turn improves flexibility.

Traveling Aura takes self-care very seriously. We want you to feel your best.

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