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Wellness Holiday Gift Guide for 2020

It’s hard to think of a great gift to give someone at the end of a year like 2020, if not some gift that could inspire relaxation and calm?

This year has been one monster of a roller coaster. When it seemed like we were overcoming one hurdle, life was throwing a massive curveball our way and it was never a good one.

Well, this crazy year is finally coming to an end, and the best part about the impending holidays is the fact that we will give and receive gifts. This year has taught us to stay healthy and maybe relax more because some of us were forced into relaxation during the lockdown--and we saw the benefits right away.

So, to help our friends and families remember to relax and stay healthier in the coming years, here are some treat-yourself holiday gift guides for 2020.

1). A YOGA MAT: Yoga offers a lot of benefits, many of which we cannot deny their necessity. Getting your loved ones a yoga mat is like nudging them in the right direction--the direction of self-care and healthiness.


$12.95 plus shipping

Some of us may be taking trips this holiday, and stress comes along with trips; it is a given. However, if you give someone this Liquid Gold Cuticle Oil Pen, they will always be grateful to you. This pocketable goodness is infused with vitamin E and is a blend of Jojoba and Apricot oil. When used, it goes deep into the cuticles and nails and saves them from being brittle and getting broken. In the winter, things get brittle from the dry air, this is a perfect gift.

3). Candle Gift Set: A gift set containing scented candles, essential oils, and soaps is one perfect gift to give to your loved one to encourage wellness. Search out wellness candles with the most beautiful scents, package with essential oils and, bath oils, and soaps with great fragrance too. That is a very thoughtful gift and one that inspires relaxation, which is the goal of these gifts in the first place. We will be launching our very own “Spa/Wellness Collection” soon. So be on the look out.

4). Traveling Aura’s Warm Wishes: For your aunties and uncles who will be visiting, you could book a custom aromatherapy massage, pedicure, and hand treatment. This is part of the Traveling Aura’s Spa-liday deals. This is an amazing gift because we all need to relax after such a long year. They will be very grateful, whoever you give this to, see packages here.

5). Traveling Aura’s Gift Certificate: This gift certificate contains different packages of holiday spa deals, deals that your loved one would like. There are different gift certificates, when you purchase any, all you have to do is send the certificate to the receiver and they will love you and your gift.

Some self-care is needed at the end of a year that did so much taking and not so much giving. Be the person who offers your loved ones a reason to relax and be in their best moods this season. Give your loved ones a wellness gift for the holidays.

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