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5 Benefits of Spa Parties for Men

Spa parties aren't just for the ladies anymore. Lately, men have been discovering the joy of self-pampering, particularly in advance of major milestone events such as weddings. Self-care is not limited to only half the population.

1. Healthier skin

Facials cleanse pores, rejuvenate the skin, and can take years off your appearance. They can also prevent painful ingrown hairs. "I wasn't expecting how relaxing and pleasant a facial would be," said Travis B. of Pembroke Pines. "I went with my girlfriend as a treat for her birthday and ended up getting a spa treatment myself while I was in there waiting for her. I will definitely do that again!"

2. Stress reduction

All spa treatments go a long way toward reducing stress and making you feel relaxed. "I have a very high-pressure job. My office started bringing in a mobile spa service and one day I needed a break, so I signed up for a 30-minute neck and head massage. The rest of my day went so much better because I did that for myself," said Lamar K. of Deerfield Beach.

3. Repair and Rejuvenate

Massage therapy is terrific for improving blood flow, which promotes healing. William T. of Sunrise told Traveling Aura, "I had been in a terrible car accident and had completed my course of physical therapy, but I still felt like I needed more time to heal. Getting regular massages was the right answer!"

4. Aesthetics

Some people can be very hard on their hands or feet through the course of their daily lives. According to Jean-Claude D. of Ft. Lauderdale, "I run marathons for fun, so my feet are constantly beat up. I got a pedicure because I was running a marathon as a fundraiser for breast cancer, so I wanted pink toenails in solidarity. I couldn't believe how wonderful it was! From the cleansing scrub, to the leg and foot massage, and finally to my pink toenails, I'm so happy I did it. Now I have a standing appointment booked after ever marathon."

5. Self-Care

"Just before my wedding," said Paul M. of Hollywood, "I had quit drinking, so the traditional bachelor party at a bar was off the table. Instead, we did a joint bachelor/bachelorette spa party. My groomsmen all got a facial and a straight-razor shave, manly manicures, and a really nice neck and shoulders massage. The entire wedding party went into the wedding in a state of zen bliss."

Ready to give it a shot and bring Traveling Aura to you? Click here to book your man-spa appointment.

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